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Regardless what your company development needs are, we are always available to help you by providing the best solutions that will get you exactly where you want to be on the market. As sales shark, we are dedicated to offering a wide range of specialized services, especially designed to improve the quality of your business. Our network of services comprises: call center, sales and customer acquisition, customer care and customer retention services. Our experts are fully aware that in today’s competitive business market, you only have one viable way to success, and that is providing high standard services. If top class services are what you’re looking for, then KCO is the right place to be!

Call Center Services

In an ever-changing business environment, we believe that high-quality customer communication solutions can give your company the edge it needs to develop and evolve. Being the sales sharks, we offer flexible services that cater to the exact needs of your brand. With us, you can expect consistent results that will serve as a backbone for your entire strategy.
Our experts work round the clock to bring customer satisfaction to a completely new level.
Work with the sharks and you will get:

  • Quality Inbound and Outbound Call Center Services;
  • Effective and Innovative Consultancy
  • A Business Partner You Can Trust


In today’s competitive markets, businesses must be aggressive if they want to acquire new customers and maintain them. Partnering with a sales-focused customer contact center can be an efficient tool for your customer acquisition strategy as it will lead to a sales increase. At KCO, we run customer acquisition and sales solutions that will allow you to exceed your revenue goals. We will develop a customized voice and/or a chat voice that will be designed according to your sales plans, and thus we will help you attract new customers.
Our acquisition solutions include:

  • Inbound B2B and B2C Telesales
  • Outbound Customer Follow Up
  • Lead Generation

Software development

Tailor-made software is a key success driver for any business. We help you stay ahead of the competition by adapting our software solutions to your business.
Our top-ranked software development team understands clients' needs and also is up-to-date with technological developments, thereby offering high-quality software solutions for:

  • Customer Management;
  • Ticket Management;
  • Reporting & Analytics;
  • Collaboration & Teamwork;
  • B2B Customer Support;


Regardless what your company development needs are, we are available through our call center services 24/7 to help you by providing the best suited solutions to get you exactly where you want to be on the market.

Customer Care

At KCO, the needs of our customers are always our top priority. Our call center services experts endeavor to perfect the science of doing business by creating a meaningful relationship with our partners.
It is our belief that customer care is what sets the alphas apart from the pack. Your consumers are the first element we factor in when we develop a new strategy or campaign. Thus, we will help your company become more successful than ever through a strategy based on consumer analysis and a thorough market research. In order to achieve these goals, we:

  • Develop Everlasting Partnerships
  • Offer 24/7 Call Center Support
  • Create Projects According To Your Needs

Customer Retention

The main purpose of a call center service is to provide an impeccable customer retention feature. At KCO, we do that and, furthermore, we can enhance your customer loyalty by successfully increasing the retention rates. With us, every one of your clients will become a profitable connection by bringing more revenue to your company.
Our customer retention service is backed up by a dynamic team that uses a top-notch technology and the right kind of approach to create and establish an active community of forever happy clients. KCO’s Customer Retention service guarantees:

  • An Improved Relation With Your Customers
  • Customized Strategies Based On Data-Driven Feedback
  • The Best Possible Communication Strategy For Your Needs