Work with the best

KCO is a company for people who aren’t afraid of challenges. If you want to accelerate your career and contribute to something greater than you, then this is the place for you. Our aim is to shape businesses and come up with innovative strategies by dedicating ourselves to our work with passion and full commitment.

To fulfill our mission, values and goals we are always looking for top talent. If you are interested in starting a career in a company that strives for excellence and in a work environment that allows development for its employees, then we’re waiting for your candidature.



Our work is our passion! If you’re a professional interested in doing work that triggers your passion, then you’re in the right place. Send us your resume and we will contact you for an interview.


At KCO I have all the stability anyone could dream of, and also an interactive and ethnic-enriching experience. The encouraging feedback plus the managements` stability gives every individual the strength and the ability to give out the very best results!
Rocio - Customer Retention

I simply love working with KCO! It's a great place to grow, both professionally and socially. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of talented people and to constantly develop my skills. KCO is a reliable and a pleasant working environment and I recommend it full-heartedly!
Bianca – Customer Care

Working for KCO is great. I love my job, I love the work environment here and my colleagues are great. The management is simply amazing and does everything possible to make our time here better. For me, this is a second home and I hope to keep on growing in this company.
Eric - Customer Care Manager

KCO is a dynamic and highly trained team of professionals, a place where I can learn and perfect my skills! So far, all my requests and suggestions have been taken into account and handled, so I can only see a bright future ahead in my partnership with this company!
Eric - Sales & Customer Acquisition

My collaboration with KCO has been nothing but smooth sailing, right from the beginning! I am very pleased with their rigorous business attitude, yet friendly working environment. Another great thing about KCO is being able to exercise and extend my professional capabilities.
David - Call Center

Working with KCO has been amazing right from the start! Ever since I started working here, everyone has been very supportive and patient, allowing me to learn and to grow in a stable, but at the same time, competitive environment. I really love it here!
Alex - Customer Retention

Our values

Take Ownership

We hold ourselves responsible for the choices we’re making and the results they’re leading to.

Speak Up

We encourage communication and new ideas that lead to a better working environment.

Elevate Others

We lift up our teammates through positivity, confidence and support in our daily work.